Gulf Oil Spill Info


Senate blocks the ban protecting people of the Gulf and USA from the use of life threatening dispersants.

150 Chemicals Now Providing Health Care Professionals Information Access

Chemical Illness Epidemic in Wake of BP Blowout - by Riki Ott


Thanks (?) Milt Ackerman of Military Solutions for Buying Gulf Oil Seafood for military commissaries --- SHAME ON YOU!

Oil Washes Ashore Again At Grand Isle, LA

IR Camera Shows Fumes We Are Bathed in at Gas Stations

40 Million Gallons of Dispersant??

Covering up beaches with clean sand?

Massive Fish Kill Reported in Louisiana

Dispersants are Cosmetic, Health & Environmental Impacts Unknown

Blood Tests confirm BP's Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Sickens People

Parasite Contamination of Crab

The World's Ongoing Ecological Disasters

Marine Environmental Research Institute - Dr. Susan Shaw

Oil from Gulf Disaster is NOT Going Away Quickly

Tar Balls or Tar Matts?

BP Oil Spill: Local swim in condo pools while tourists swim in toxic Gulf!

Day 110 Upate on the Gulf Oil Disaster and Global Economy

Coast Guard & Obama Admin Betray US Citizens

La. Shrimpers Worry About Prices {STILL NO TEST FOR COREXIT}|htmlws-main-n|dl1|link3|

Day 109: Flight Over Gulf Oil Spill

Matt Simmons Apprarently Drowned in His Home

Black Oil Dispersant Sludge Mixture Covers Oyster Beds

You May Be Eating Corexit

Dangerous Drilling: BP is at it again.  Petition to stop BP!!/powerwithoutpetroleum?ref=mf

Gulf Pets Abandoned as Owner Cannot Afford to Care for Their Animals

Lisa Jackson Calls for More Authority Over Oil Dispersants

MSNBC Reports Corexit is Killing Clean Up Workers

Hell Has Come to Louisiana

Matt Simmons on Imminent Dangers in Gulf to all residents from leak spewing methane 1524' into the water through ocean floor leak at 2400 psi of pressure

CCNY develops non- toxic means to remove oil

CNN Anderson Cooper Reports on Repeal of First Amendment in the Gulf Blocking News Reports on Workers Injured and Filming of the Area

April 6, 2010 Deadly Benzene & other chemicals released for 40 day in Texas City,TX

Toxic Air Headed to Texas

Gulf Air Quality

Gulf Oil Gusher:  Danger of Tsunamis from Methane

Gulf Oil Spill Time Lapse Video from NASA is Haunting

Banned from YouTube:  BP Oil Disaster Video!/video/video.php?v=138999366114177&ref=mf

Epa Is Opening Public " Decontamination
Stations;"  400 People Ill After Visit to Florida Beach

Banned from You Tube: BP Oil Disaster Video!/video/video.php?v=138999366114177&ref=mf

We Mean Nothing to BP or the Government - Kindra Arnesan of Louisiana Tells What She Has Seen Inside BP

Plans to Evacuate the Gulf Coast in Place with FEMA

Each day another way to define worst-case for oil spill - Washington Post

Each Day, Another Way to Determine Worst Case for Oil Spill