Healing With Light                                                                                                 

"What better way to spread the light of understanding than the exploration of energy medicine and the literal use of light for healing?"

Dr. Falkov has been researching Light Healing Therapies, using LED technology for the past seven years. This is the same technology used by NASA to treat astronauts in space! Special Ops forces benefit by having battery powered units with them in combat situations.

Near-infrared (NIR) light, can greatly enhance the function of our mitochondrial cellular energy centers to increase circulation, speed wound healing and relieve pain. The effects of low gravity dramatically slow wound healing. NIR L.E.D. technology provides dramatic benefits in space and on earth!

Peer reviewed published studies by Harry Whelan M.D., Neurologist, who is in the NASA Hall of Fame for his research,  have shown an increase in the production of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate from 200-400% -  WOW!  This provides a dramatic increase in circulation and temporary relief of pain.  I have had many outstanding anecdotal experiences shared with me by my patients.

Please contact Dr. Falkov for information about these devices that have so impressed her with their therapeutic effectiveness, that she does not leave home without them.

I look forward to hearing from you so I may answer your questions about this exciting technology. Remember, I do NOT leave home without my light machines!

Now you are able to buy the MedLight Pro directly from me! This unit is the best value for your money.  Retail price of $399.00 with free holiday shipping!

Utilizing NASA developed technology; the MedLight delivers pain relieving energy directly to the source. Within minutes you will experience increased local blood circulation, resulting in reduced swelling/inflammation and pain.

Pain relief without utilizing potentially harmful drugs! The MedLight provides fast, affordable pain relief without the use of potentially harmful drugs.  The energy from the MedLight will not damage any tissue, has no side effects and is perfectly safe.  This means that you can use it as often as you like.  The more you use it, the better it works.  Results are cumulative!

Severity of the pain and whether the pain is chronic or acute, determines treatment.  You will use those levels to determine how often you need to utilize the MedLight to achieve maximum relief.  Results will range from taking the edge off to total elimination of the pain!

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The Future of Pain Relief; NASA Developed Near Infrared Technology

The MedLight utilizes Near Infrared technology developed by NASA to deliver pain relieving energy!

I look forward to hearing from you so I may answer your questions about this exciting technology.  I do NOT leave home without my light machines!

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110v/220v AC Power Supply / 12v DC Car Adapter.

Number of LEDs


Increased Range of Motion and Mobility

If you are suffering from stiff or sore muscles or joints, the MedLight 630 Pro may increase your range of motion and increase your mobility.  The technology is able to reduce inflammation, relax muscle tissue to relieve the pain of sore, stiff muscles and joints.

Cleared by the FDA – Certified by UL & CE

Cleared by the FDA and certified by UL and CE assures you that the Medlight will provide safe and effective treatment.



81 Powerful LEDS

Provides 48 joules of pain relieving energy in just four minutes. Large treatment area Fewer treatments

AC power

No batteries. Just plug it in, turn it on.

Integrated spacer ring

Provides the optimal distance for the most effective treatment.

Ergonomic design

Makes treatment of any body part easy.


Easy to hold. Even for extended uses.



 The LED pad devices that many of you have seen me demonstrate on The Moore Show in London are described below.

My first unit, which accompanies me everywhere, comes in 3 sizes, to meet all needs.  I am please to be able to offer these once again, at lower prices!!

4"x 8" with 90 LEDs  $849.00

7 1/2" x 8.5" with 132 LEDs $999.00
2 132 LED pads with a single controller are available for $1599.00
An additional controller for use individually is $500.00 more

7 1/2" x 14 1/2" with 264 LEDs $1498.00
The 132 pad combined with the 264, is available for $2199.00 with a single controller.  With a separate controller for each $2399.00

Shipping is $30.00 or less for the small, single device.

These pads are the only ones I have seen that can literally be wrapped around your wrist or thigh, etc.  They can be used in the car with a proper power inverter as well. There are 7 different frequency settings to treat a vast array of conditions.  Truly something to be experienced, especially when you are in pain.

If you explore my website you will see that there are very few products which I sell.  They have been thoroughly researched and checked by me, personally.  My goal is to see these amazing medical devices available in all Federal buildings, airplanes, schools and sports arenas for immediate medical care.

Information Used from Gerald Cartier “Guide to Low Energy Photon Therapy”
Anatomical Function
73 Hz
For stimulation of osteoid and use when cellular activity is hypoactive, such as chronic recurring problems, nonunion fractures, or chronic splints. It is also helpful in activating humoral and endocrine functions. (Field work has shown setting 1 helpful in stimulating (tonifying) acupuncture and trigger points and increasing circulation in areas being treated, such as wounds when past the acute stage.)
147 Hz
For areas of yellow scar tissue that are generally formed internally on tendons, ligaments, and sub-acute (lingering but chronic) conditions. (Field use has shown setting 2 to be helpful in reducing inflammation associated with injuries and infections.) This is often called the “universal frequency” because most problems involve inflammation.
294 Hz
For tissue of ectodermal origin, such as body openings, skin, and nerves. (Field applications include wounds, eye injuries, and after surgery. Setting 3 tends to tone tissue while minimizing the chance of hemorrhaging fresh wounds or recent surgical sites.) It is also good for the treatment of acupuncture and trigger points, corneal ulcers, and ulcerated mucous membranes. This is called the “universal frequency” in acupuncture.
587 Hz
For circulatory and lymphatic stimulation and treatment of tissue of endodermal origin. (In field applications, setting 4 has been used in conjunction with 5 and 2 for tendon, ligament, joint and other injuries where reaching secondary levels of tissue needed.)
1174 Hz
For tissue of mesodermal origin, such as bone, ligament, viscera, and tendon. (Field experience has shown setting 5 to be especially good for tendon and ligament injuries when used with 4 and 2.) It also helps in relaxing large muscle groups.
2349 Hz
For chronic conditions not responsive to setting 3 or 5. (Field experience shows setting 6 to be a good supplement to 3 when healing processes appear to reach a plateau.)
4698 Hz
For pain control, primarily when C nerve fibers are transmitting to dorsal root ganglia and when involvement of neurotransmitters is of physiological importance. (Field experience shows 7 to help suppress pain and to sedate acupuncture and trigger points and aids in diminishing excess calcification associated with chips, spurs and arthritic conditions.
General Rule: When stimulation is required, use lower frequencies. When sedation is required, use higher frequencies.