How to Help Paul Doomm

How to Help:     Paul Matthew Doomm
                                                           7661 Martha Way
                                             Navarre, Fl 32566
Please watch the following video and meet Paul Doomm, that is after he swam in the contaminated Gulf of Mexico and is now in a wheelchair with multiple, critical health conditions including uncontrollable seizures.

Bear in mind you are seeing a 22 year old young man who had been enjoying swimming in the ocean, spending time on the  beach and eating fresh seafood, before heading off to bootcamp after his recent military enlistment, to serve our country.    Little did he know that the water, air, seafood and beaches were contaminated..

Paul lives in the Florida Panhandle, near the Intercoastal waterway, with his wife, mother, father and 14 year old brother.  His brother is getting sicker with petechial hemorrages - circles of bleeding, under the skin.  His skin has turned gray - at 14.  His parents are sick.  His mother, a Registered Nurse is too sick to be able to work..  They are all sick.

I ask that you do what you can to help this family who feels the whole world has turned their back on them.  Please show them there are still people who care, people who have a heart.

If you can help out financially, even if it is just a few dollars, it will be a blessing to help with the sky high medical expenses.  Just think what could be done if everyone seeing this information would send just a few dollars?  The family might be able to buy the things on the wishlist and move everyone to a safe area where they will no longer breathe, bathe and live in the toxic environment of the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster.
is the address to send your donation to Paul and his family from:
Go to PayPal and click on send money, to the above address - it is as easy as that.

Paul would love to hear from his new friends at the above email address.  Perhaps you have time to volunteer to make calls, help set up appointments or look for a new home, in an area where this family can finally heal?  Perhaps you can help them move?

You can use this email to contact them if you are able to help provide any of the items on the wishlist below.

We are all struggling with financial challenges at this time.  Please remember miracles can happen with donation of only $2 or $3 per person.

I will also find out about a mailing address for the family.

Here are some of the items that Paul needs, just to get through each day:

New air conditioning system.  Theirs is 14 years old and in need of so many repairs, it is just doesn't make sense to repair it. 

An air treatment system to clean the air.

Paul needs a neurologist in his area that takes Medicaid.

Proper medical care.

Detox medications.

Prescription medication coverage.

He also needs a suction machine at home to prevent aspiration when he goes into uncontrollable seizures.

An oxygen machine

A new computer/laptop that would keep his and the family's medical records in a digital format.

A hospital bed

Grab bars for the bathroom, bedroom and other home areas so Paul can try to manage in the house, if he is alone.

An Aquasana or Berkey water treatment system for the kitchen and the bathroom.

A fax machine, ink cartridges and paper.

New tires for the car.  Many trips all over the country to take Paul to doctor's visits have worn out the tires.

A wheelchair lift for the car,  and a car with wheel chair access. Paul's wheelchair was run over several days ago, so he needs a wheelchair.

If you have a connection with a manufacturer of household items like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.  These are all needed.  The expenses for this family are astronomical, they are all poisoned by the Gulf 'Coast Oil Disaster.

Lodging for Paul and his wife to get away from the polluted and deadly Gulf area would be the brightest ray of hope, so healing can finally begin.  It can be a home or apt that could be used for a month or more.

It has been very difficult for me to get Paul to provide even this information.  He has a lot of pride but their monies have been drained and it is time for all of us to reach out to him and help.